18_Ring and earrings, black silver and gold 009.JPG
10_ First sign of Spring by  Zan 21.18.14.jpg
11_ Clouds with gold rain drops by Niamh DSC_0261.JPG
12_Black and whire silver rings, DSCF8003-.jpg
13_A ring with movement by Irina  IMGP6275.JPG
14_ Round pendant with a rotating center by Irina 09.21.40.jpg
15_ Pair of silver earrings  with garnets by Irina 005.JPG
16_ Another ring with movement, silver and gold by Irina_Ring.jpg
17_Handmade silver chain by Anna 061.JPG
19_Handmade diamond chain by Anna  003.JPG
20_  Three part plus garnet by Niamh,  DSC_0256..JPG
3_ 2 napkin rings by Pat,  D and P 09.56.49.jpg
21_ A beginner work after a one day workshop, 20130204 010330.jpg
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