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About The Classes

All classes are suitable for those starting from scratch or those with more experience.

Starting from scratch?

  • All new students make a piece of silver jewellery in their first class!
  • Come along and learn how to use jewellery tools and start on your road to designing your own jewellery! All equipment is provided.
  • Make your own designs in silver and try PMC to make 3D designs!
  • Try  your hand at cloisonné enamel on the fine silver and use the pitch block to make shapes to create your own masterpiece.

Experienced students

  • Upgrade your skills, and learn to work faster without using any harmful chemicals, acids /pickle.
  • Forget the limitations and dirt and dangers of the old polisher, let the vibratory tumbler do the work, in a clean and safe environment - even the most complex item with chains and stones can go in!

What can you do?

  • Learn how to solder quickly by making your own chain or bracelet.
  • Make the ring that you dreamed of, perhaps with a little help from Cormac, set some semi- precious stones!
  • Try the new exciting PMC (Precious Metal Clay), which is like shaping modelling clay or paint the fine silver on an organic material to make a unique piece or art!
  • Learn to make your own moulds for the fine silver clay, before firing it in the kiln. Then add some enamel for colour!
  • Recycle old/ broken hallmarked gold, possible something from a loved one with silver, for every day wear.
  • Access my vast library of jewellery books.